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Was your favorite teacher recognized as a Tennessee Lottery Educator of the Week in your hometown? Then vote for him or her to be honored as the statewide Educator of the Month! Just click on the photo below to cast your vote. And come back often – you can vote once every day!

November Educator of the Month

Marcy Williams

Ellen Myers Primary School

What do you like most about teaching?
I truly love the kids. I enjoy them as people that have their own way of thinking about things and viewing this world.


Dr. Lisa Swor

Science Hill High School

The job is different every day. I get to meet so many different kids in our community. I wanted to help people and children.


Brian Ailey

Hixson Middle School

I love it when I see in the face of a student that spark, and all of a sudden they love to sing and really love music.


Nancy Powers

Cosby High School

Watching my students develop into young adults and helping them learn to have confidence in their ability to succeed.


Lauren Roberson

Waynesboro Elementary

I like being a part of my students’ lives; having a positive impact on them and watching their growth throughout the year.


Lori Tooker

Arlington Elementary School

I love the light in my students' eyes whey they finally get it.


Christie Strayhorn

South Gibson County Middle

The interaction she has with her students everyday.


Kimberly Trivette

Greeneville Middle School

This is the most rewarding job I've had. I get to make a difference every day. I go home exhausted but I know I've made a difference.


Sally White

Chattanooga Central High

I love the students. I have some who challenge me, and some who are real sweethearts who remind me of why I'm in this.


Travis Motes

Sequoyah High School

I enjoy the excitement of seeing my students grow and reach their unique potential throughout their high school experience.


Drew Brewer

Oakland Middle School

Teaching for the "a-Ha!" moment and you witness a student grow as a person; those moments prove I'm doing what I'm meant to do.


Preston Harris

Douglass High School

I love the interaction with the students, co-workers and the community.


Jacklyn Sulock

Arlington Elementary

Creating bonds with my students.


Amanda Mullinix

Pleasant Hill Elementary

Building relationships with students is an honor and privilege. I want to help them overcome struggles and celebrate successes!


Mia Evans

Alcoa Elementary School

As an elementary teacher, they have their whole lives to develop the seeds you are planting. It’s inspiring to watch them bloom.


Makayla Dudley

Carter Middle School

It is the enjoyment of knowing that children understand their bodies and how to live a long healthy life.


Sara Naylor

Hunter Elementary School

Teaching kindergarten is so rewarding; to see the excitement on their face when they learn something new.


Jessica Bailey

East Lake Academy of Fine Arts

I have some phenomenal teachers to work with, and I get to learn every day from my students.


Amanda Asberry

Baxter Primary School

The relationships I build with each child and their families to help them become more successful and love learning. 


Larissa McCoy

Collierville Hgh School

I love the students.


Roslyn Donley

Andrew Jackson Elementary

Seeing the students grow, interacting with them and being able to be creative and continue learning as a teacher.


Jessica Ford

Jonesborough Elementary

I love to see the students' growth. By the end of the year they're reading on a higher level and re-writing stories.


Jenny Jordan

Loftis Middle School

My favorite thing is the students. I love teaching 8th grade, I love teaching language arts. It is a lot of fun every single day.


Rachel Rhinehart

Whitthorne Middle School

I am grateful for the opportunity to establish relationships with remarkable students who have severe disabilities.


Thomas Williams

Arlington Middle School

I love teaching children and love to see their faces when they learn something new.


Andrea Whitten

Michie School

Interacting with the students and it's fun.


Rachelle Shurtz

Unicoi County High

As a culinary teacher I want them to appreciate the food higher end restaurants; that there's more than fast food and chains.


Kallye Walley

East Ridge Elementary

The kids; I love coming to school everyday and seeing their smiling faces.


Ken Folger

Harding Academy

Teaching is a dynamic and creative career; designing lessons to promote the thinking, interaction, and growth of young people.


Dorothy Malone

Colonial Middle School

I love my children, parents, and education.


Charlotte Curl

Bells Elementary

Loves her students and the school community she works with!