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Friday, August 2, 2013
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Bustling sales and growing jackpot fever have helped push the jackpot for the popular game of Powerball from $290 million to an incredible $300 million for Saturday night’s drawing.
With a jackpot this size, the Tennessee Education Lottery is encouraging those who want a chance to win to avoid the rush and not wait until the last minute to purchase a ticket. Tickets for the big drawing must be purchased by 8:59 p.m. CT/9:59 p.m. ET on Saturday. The Lottery also reminds players to have fun, but play responsibly.
“The big jackpots are always a source of great fun and intense interest, creating excitement throughout the state and beyond,” said Rebecca Hargrove, President and CEO of the Tennessee Lottery.
“When a jackpot gets this high, sales rise even more quickly, driving the jackpot upward, all of which is a tremendous boost for the education programs funded by the Lottery. We encourage players to get their tickets early, have fun and please play responsibly. It only takes one to win.”
Powerball is a popular drawing-style lottery game sold in 45 jurisdictions across the United States. The record jackpot for the game was $590.5 million, won in May by a single player in Florida.
About the Tennessee Education Lottery
The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation operates entirely from the revenue it generates through the sale of its products. Net proceeds from sales of Lottery tickets, currently averaging over $5.3 million per week, fund specific education programs, including college scholarships and after-school programs.
Since the Lottery began selling tickets on Jan. 20, 2004, it has raised more than $2.7 billion for these programs. In addition to the educational beneficiaries, players have won over $6.3 billion in prizes and Lottery retailer partners have earned nearly $684 million in retailer commissions.
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