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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
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James Malugin is the 11th winner of a top "TN Millionaires Club" prize!

NASHVILLE— Residents of Columbia might be surprised to see a family “flying” around town…because that’s what they say it feels like to win $1 million!
“My feet haven’t touched the floor,” said Brenda Malugin, a registered nurse who lives and works in Columbia. Brenda is married to James Malugin, a retired maintenance supervisor who scratched a “Tennessee Millionaires Club” ticket this morning and won the game’s 11th prize of $1 million. “Other than the day my children were born, this is the best day of my life!” she said.
Although James insists his wife will make the decisions about what to do with the big prize, he did say the first thing he would do is repair the brakes on his truck. “Oh, and fix the lights!” said James, who purchased his ticket at Kwik Sak, 5000 Trotwood Ave. in Columbia.
The ticket is the 45th sold by the Tennessee Lottery worth $1 million or more. “Tennessee Millionaires Club” is an instant ticket game with the highest prize payout percentage of any game in the Lottery’s five-and-one-half year history. Of the more than $150 million in cash prizes originally included in the game, 9 top prizes of $1 million remain; more than 40 of $25,000 remain; and more than 100 of $10,000 remain.
About the Tennessee Education Lottery
The Tennessee Education Lottery operates entirely from the revenue it generates through the sale of its products. Net proceeds from sales of Lottery tickets, currently averaging over $5 million per week, fund specific education programs, including college scholarships, pre-kindergarten and after-school programs. Since the Tennessee Lottery began selling tickets on Jan. 20, 2004, it has raised more than $1.5 billion for these programs, and returned to Tennessee communities more than $3.2 billion in prizes and more than $357.4 million in retailer commissions. For more information, please visit For information about Lottery-funded scholarships, visit

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