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Search For Past HOT LOTTO Winning Numbers!

HOT LOTTO® gives players a chance to win one of nine different cash prizes, including a multimillion-dollar jackpot. Click here for How to Use a HOT LOTTO® Playslip.

Prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the drawing date on which the prize was won.

Currently showing all HOT LOTTO® winning numbers
Game NameDraw DateDraw ResultDetails
HOT LOTTO6/27/201504-06-13-42-47 13details
HOT LOTTO6/24/201505-15-23-30-38 06details
HOT LOTTO6/20/201501-18-20-25-37 09details
HOT LOTTO6/17/201502-06-10-12-47 16details
HOT LOTTO6/13/201503-04-14-26-38 17details
HOT LOTTO6/10/201509-19-25-34-45 09details
HOT LOTTO6/6/201504-12-20-22-32 07details
HOT LOTTO6/3/201502-14-19-36-43 06details
HOT LOTTO5/30/201509-11-18-40-47 16details
HOT LOTTO5/27/201528-29-31-34-36 18details
HOT LOTTO5/23/201518-29-34-36-38 15details
HOT LOTTO5/20/201502-04-06-43-44 18details
HOT LOTTO5/16/201501-12-20-30-44 14details
HOT LOTTO5/13/201501-25-28-29-44 02details
HOT LOTTO5/9/201505-13-21-32-36 04details
HOT LOTTO5/6/201511-14-16-28-40 16details
HOT LOTTO5/2/201505-21-30-37-40 13details
HOT LOTTO4/29/201501-04-14-18-37 08details
HOT LOTTO4/25/201508-22-24-31-43 17details
HOT LOTTO4/22/201509-15-33-37-44 16details
HOT LOTTO4/18/201506-16-23-36-45 14details
HOT LOTTO4/15/201503-07-18-40-45 01details
HOT LOTTO4/11/201502-04-23-28-39 11details
HOT LOTTO4/8/201505-06-08-18-42 12details
HOT LOTTO4/4/201515-16-39-42-47 05details
HOT LOTTO4/1/201502-06-07-26-32 10details
HOT LOTTO3/28/201503-21-33-34-35 12details
HOT LOTTO3/25/201509-16-37-38-42 12details
HOT LOTTO3/21/201503-08-15-25-32 03details
HOT LOTTO3/18/201504-23-25-35-42 16details
HOT LOTTO3/14/201510-24-30-34-44 01details
HOT LOTTO3/11/201501-18-33-42-44 15details
HOT LOTTO3/7/201508-14-24-26-40 10details
HOT LOTTO3/4/201514-17-20-22-45 07details
HOT LOTTO2/28/201506-24-27-34-39 09details
HOT LOTTO2/25/201504-05-19-36-37 03details
HOT LOTTO2/21/201513-29-40-42-43 12details
HOT LOTTO2/18/201505-10-12-16-45 15details
HOT LOTTO2/14/201502-14-22-24-36 07details
HOT LOTTO2/11/201512-13-21-26-41 03details
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