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Search For Past Mega Millions Winning Numbers!

MEGA MILLIONS gives players a chance to win one of nine different cash prizes, including a multimillion-dollar jackpot. Click here for How to Use a MEGA MILLIONS Playslip.

Prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the drawing date on which the prize was won.

Currently showing all MEGA MILLIONS winning numbers
Game NameDraw DateDraw ResultMegaplierDetails
Mega Millions11/27/201516-20-39-56-59 12x3 details
Mega Millions11/24/201502-19-30-38-70 08x4 details
Mega Millions11/20/201509-12-29-37-67 15x2 details
Mega Millions11/17/201512-14-18-24-61 10x3 details
Mega Millions11/13/201517-18-31-35-59 09x5 details
Mega Millions11/10/201508-17-20-45-71 04x4 details
Mega Millions11/6/201510-31-35-50-72 08x3 details
Mega Millions11/3/201516-29-44-69-74 12x5 details
Mega Millions10/30/201517-41-51-53-56 15x5 details
Mega Millions10/27/201509-26-27-29-74 04x3 details
Mega Millions10/23/201525-32-37-45-70 01x5 details
Mega Millions10/20/201506-25-35-38-52 04x4 details
Mega Millions10/16/201502-38-48-61-68 04x3 details
Mega Millions10/13/201507-09-24-38-52 01x5 details
Mega Millions10/9/201508-09-21-63-75 14x4 details
Mega Millions10/6/201517-58-63-64-66 13x3 details
Mega Millions10/2/201504-14-29-31-47 09x2 details
Mega Millions9/29/201508-21-30-61-62 09x3 details
Mega Millions9/25/201503-08-38-51-64 04x5 details
Mega Millions9/22/201528-30-38-45-51 08x5 details
Mega Millions9/18/201517-34-35-51-65 07x3 details
Mega Millions9/15/201507-20-35-49-56 09x4 details
Mega Millions9/11/201505-11-31-50-67 14x2 details
Mega Millions9/8/201519-20-36-41-46 07x3 details
Mega Millions9/4/201517-21-39-52-57 05x5 details
Mega Millions9/1/201502-05-35-40-54 13x5 details
Mega Millions8/28/201513-35-40-60-68 09x4 details
Mega Millions8/25/201505-44-54-59-63 01x5 details
Mega Millions8/21/201513-15-21-41-72 01x5 details
Mega Millions8/18/201502-07-33-39-53 09x3 details
Mega Millions8/14/201512-15-20-52-71 03x4 details
Mega Millions8/11/201503-08-29-57-68 08x4 details
Mega Millions8/7/201501-38-53-63-66 10x3 details
Mega Millions8/4/201502-19-44-51-57 14x2 details
Mega Millions7/31/201528-32-33-40-46 10x4 details
Mega Millions7/28/201508-35-61-68-75 15x5 details
Mega Millions7/24/201510-12-26-60-62 13x5 details
Mega Millions7/21/201520-30-62-65-74 01x5 details
Mega Millions7/17/201506-17-30-31-41 15x3 details
Mega Millions7/14/201519-24-30-35-72 05x3 details
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