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Was your favorite teacher recognized as a Tennessee Lottery Educator of the Week in your hometown? Then vote for him or her to be honored as the statewide Educator of the Month! Just click on the photo below to cast your vote. And come back often – you can vote once every day!

April Educator of the Month

Ali Dunnavant

Dogwood Elementary

What do you like most about teaching?
Developing strong relationships with my students is what I enjoy most about teaching.


Amy McAmis

Baileyton Elementary School

We are a team. It's a collaborative work. My goal is to bring out the best in my kids and in each other.


Kim Cantley

McMinn Central High School

Being with my students is the best thing about my school day.


Megan Hladis

Midway High School

Teaching allows me to encourage my students to become compassionate, contributing members of society.


Ethan Horner

Hickman County Middle School

Molding young people for their future. If you can be a positive part of that in some way, then you have done well.


Kazimir Pumphrey

Sherwood Elementary School

I love teaching when they develop the love of learning.


Delora Bond

Trinity Christian Academy

Loving the babies she works with and helping them grow and develop.


Debby Jenkins

Middle Settlements Elementary

Motivating children to become their personal best in all areas, to improve self-esteem and become problem solvers.


Samantha Harding

Maryville High School

I enjoy building strong relationships with my students and watching them be successful inside and outside the classroom.


Lisa Cranston

Bearden Elementary School

I get to spend my day with children who are excited about learning. And the best part is, I am also learning from them!


Haley Barkley

Grandview Middle School

I have the opportunity to give back to my community and have a direct impact on the students who are my neighbors.


Renee King

Battle Academy

Inspiring the young children to know that by giving their personal best, they can achieve anything.


David Oldham

John Overton High

Showing students their capabilities, inspiring a love of learning, and helping them align goals with the common good.


Ellen Everett

First Assembly Christian School

I love watching the children learn and grow in their love for the Lord!


Lisa Smith

Adamsville Elementary

I find it very rewarding. I enjoy what I do because I get to make a difference.


Kelly Bozman

Freedom Intermediate School

Watching students see their potential is what makes teaching unlike any other job.  I love being a part of that story.


Chelsea Anderson

Central Elementary School

My goal is to make them good at science, become good people and know more that just what's in the textbook.


Brittany Crawford

Chattanooga Christian School

Getting to watch students grow as thinkers, readers, and writers and to learn from them as they do that.


Albertina LaMarr

Treadwell Elementary

I love impacting the academic, social, emotional needs and career of all students and life successes to come.


Jeannine Stokes

Clarksburg School

Making connections with my students and being involved


Tracy Irvin

Avoca Elementary

I love teaching math to children. Building up their confidence and saying you can do this, you're going to succeed in math.


Ayana Gustus

Dalewood Middle School

When they get it. When you teach a lesson and you ask the next day, they understand what you're talking about.


Hilary Strickland

Eakin Elementary

The excitement in their eyes and their smiles rev me up to teach them moving for a healthy lifestyle while having fun!!


Kathleen Bray

Resurrection Catholic School

I love sharing what I love with the kids I love.


Stacy Gray

Lake Road Elementary

Getting to create relationships with her students and teaching them about science!