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​​​​​​​Was your favorite teacher recognized as a Tennessee Lottery Educator of the Week in your hometown? Then vote for him or her to be honored as the statewide Educator of the Month! Just click on the photo below to cast your vote. And come back often – you can vote once every day!

October Educator of the Month

Brooklyn Smith

South Elementary

What do you like most about teaching?
How rewarding it is to make an impact on my students.


Becca Barnes

North Hamilton Elementary

My favorite thing about teaching is those "a-ha moments" when you can see the light bulb go off in their eyes.


Anna Mann

Taylor Stratton Elementary

I love watching my students develop a love of learning! That’s such a special feeling!


Susan Seebeck

Holy Rosary School

We are one big happy family that loves to learn!


Brittany Goodwin

Arlington Elementary

I love teaching because the kids make every day special!


Morgan Cunningham

E. Chester Elementary

They walk in the door and I know I have a bigger purpose than just being their teacher. It’s the best feeling I ever had.


Wesley Hart

Bells Elementary

It's a great career. I just love my job, love my school and I'm where I need to be.


Tracy Blue

Chuckey Doak High School

I think I've always been a teacher. In some capacity, I was always teaching. It was what I was born to do.


Derek Wallace

Anderson County High School

Students engaging their minds, taking risks, and embracing struggle. Being strong yet flexible. Standing for something.


Jeryn Horne

Bluff City Elementary

Watching as my Kindergartners, by the end of the year, can read and do things on their own. It's a magical time.


Chrystal Freyre

Anderson Co. Career & Tech.

Inspiring young minds to be passionate about who they want to be. There are no limits on how far they can go in life.


Joseph Sam

Lakewood Elementary

My favorite part of teaching is sharing in the joy of growth and accomplishment with students.


Carolyn leRulli

Union Grove Middle School

The most valuable thing to me about teaching is knowing that I make a difference in the lives of children everyday!


Kimberly Baldridge

Dodson Elementary School

Kindergartners are eager to learn. I love to celebrate when they reach their goals. It creates a positive, lifelong impact!


Caleb Bradley

Powell Elementary

I enjoy relationships. The opportunity to make a difference in a kid’s life is humbling and rewarding.


Stacy Porter

Union Elem. STEM and Demonstration

After 24 years of teaching, I still get excited to work with students and fulfilled by what they accomplish.


Martin Winters

Avoca Elementary School

My heart is in helping students, building our youth and being present in this school and outside in our community.


Teresa Thomas

White Station Middle School

I love working with students and inspiring young people.


Tanya Pierce

Bolivar Elementary

Seeing how much my students have grown and changed physically and spiritually.


Ronald Allen

Dalewood Middle School

I enjoy teaching kids the value of education, and seeing that excitement on their faces.


Doug Burhans

Hixson High School

I spent 25 years in the Airforce serving my country, and now I serve my community by being with these great individuals every day.


Laura Blevins

West Side Elementary

It is such a thrill to see the look in their eyes when they've mastered math; when they understand it and own it.


Pam Caron

Normal Park Museum Magnet

The "aha" moment is the tangible reward; to see a child change, learn, grow. You don't see that in any other profession.


Chundra Dotson

Springdale Memphis Magnet

I love making a difference in students lives.


Crystal Dick

Caywood Elementary

Just seeing my students everyday and watching them grow.