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​​​​​​​Was your favorite teacher recognized as a Tennessee Lottery Educator of the Week in your hometown? Then vote for him or her to be honored as the statewide Educator of the Month! Just click on the photo below to cast your vote. And come back often – you can vote once every day!

November Educator of the Month

Chrystal Freyre

Anderson Co. Career & Tech.

What do you like most about teaching?
Inspiring young minds to be passionate about who they want to be. There are no limits on how far they can go in life.


Jonathan Chicken

The Webb School

To see my students engage with the many different cultures, ideas, and experiences in human history.


Kathy Carter

Blountville Elementary

Teaching is exciting and it's fun to build relationships with your students as they learn and grow through the year.


Kathy Smith

Shannondale Elementary

My greatest joy is having fun with children and helping them get excited about learning new things.


Kait Samulkewitsch

J.E. Moss Elementary

Teaching children who are blind the different ways to access the world around them is such a rewarding experience!


LaTasha Washington

Millington Elementary

I love encouraging my students to be life long learners.


Barbara Chrystak

West Bemis Middle

My students have always been the best part about the teaching. Being a teacher was my calling.


Cortney Tankersley

Millington Middle School

My students make every day worth coming to school.


Leann Morrison

Apison Elementary

The growth that the students make from the beginning of the year to the end of the year is tremendous.


Kaitlyn Crowe

Boones Creek Elementary

Seeing students grow and knowing that you're a small part of helping them reach their full potential.


Greg Kubisak

STEM School Chatt.

Getting into controversial topics with my students and the discussions. I challenge them, they challenge me.


Jessica Spafford

Greenback Public School

Seeing my students achieve and excel in the areas in which they previously struggled.


Christina Austin

Denmark Elementary

Getting up early everyday and looking forward to be with her students. 


Megan Roop

John Sevier Middle School

I really enjoy teaching. I enjoy being with the students, being around them and building those relationships.


Laura Dowd

Nolan Elementary

I get to be with the kids and really build those relationships, which makes this job and role an exceptional place to be.


Brian Kaufman

William Blount High School

Making a positive impact on the lives of my students by teaching students of various ability levels and personalities.


Carol Harris

David Youree Elementary

Making personal connections with my students by ensuring they feel happy, safe and loved. Fostering a love of learning.


Beth Bagley

Lakeland Elementary

I love teaching children.


Jill Tanner

Pope Elementary

I love to get to know them. I love it when their they’re excited about learning and when they just want to learn.


Hayley Lynn

Sam Houston Elementary

The energy and joy my students bring into my life. I can always count on them to make me laugh!


Dres Yanes

St. Paul Christian Academy

As a 5th grade math teacher, there’s no better feeling than seeing students’ faces light up with understanding.


Christina Knobloch

Bowers Elementary

Growing relationships with my students. It is so rewarding when you see them love a subject they once struggled with.


Carissa Blackwood

McDowell Elementary

Building relationships with my students and their families. Leaving something positive in the time I have with them.


Chelsea Sams

Camp Creek Elementary

I love seeing the growth of the kids and developing the lasting relationships with them.


Brooke Laxton

Sequoyah High School

I feel like I really make a difference. I teach not only science but wellness too. So I’m teaching some of those soft skills.


Amanda Appel

Germantown High School

I love my students.


Doris Ann West

Hornsby Elementary

Just seeing her kids excel and seeing them enjoy the school experience.


Deborah Smith

Vance Middle School

I have an influence in a positive way on the goals they are setting for themselves in their own lives.


Joyce Snyder

Ingleside Elementary

I get to be with little angels all day, and I am blessed to be a part of their lives.


Tracy Dobson

First Assembly Christian School

I love having an impact on students.


Michelle Dunlap

North Side High School

I love sharing my love of the language and the culture with the kids and hope that they take it and share it with others.