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​​​​​​​Was your favorite teacher recognized as a Tennessee Lottery Educator of the Week in your hometown? Then vote for him or her to be honored as the statewide Educator of the Month! Just click on the photo below to cast your vote. And come back often – you can vote once every day!

February Educator of the Month

Loran Anderson

Dickson Middle School

What do you like most about teaching?
Having the privilege of sharing time with students who are on the edge of discovering their passions and purpose in life.


Bob Murphy

Sango Elementary

I celebrate the accomplishments of students when they overcome challenges to obtain knowledge and skills.


Deonte Kennedy

Craigmont High School

I love the joy kids receive from teaching them my gifts.


Missy Sewell

Castle Heights Elementary

I love building strong relationships with my students and their families.


Jennifer Rutherford

Adams Elementary School

I love teaching 1st grade for the aha moments and adding details to their stories and making them come to life.


Dianne Morris

Unicoi County School

It's something new everyday. The kids are always bring excitement to the table. Just seeing them learn is priceless.


Mary Hicks

Chester County High School

Being able to invest time on my students. And as a theater teacher, seeing them come alive on stage.


Tricia Hampton

Altruria Elementary School

I love the growth the students achieve.


David Kolodney

Oak Ridge High School

Learning about my students. When they get to be creative and expressive, you get to learn so much about them.


Kesha Badget

Sweetwater Elementary

I want students to discover the areas of physical activity that make them happy so they can pursue it for a lifetime.


Steve Wing

South Haven Christian School

The opportunity to mentor my students and contribute in shaping their future and attaining their goals.


Todd Beaver

Chester County High School

Grading tests that are 100% or more.


Kathy Higley

Hickory Valley Christian School

Teaching is a way of giving back. I enjoy being able to teach, nurture and guide them.


Chasity Rehagen

Wallace A. Smith Elementary

The impact I have on a student from elementary to middle and students coming back to tell me their career choices.


Lorri Carter

Mosheim Elementary

I love children. We have fun, we laugh, and I give lots of hugs. I just enjoy being with the 7 and 8 year olds.


Cheyenne Holmes

Hixson Elementary

Best part of teaching is building relationships with the kids. I love watching them be inspired by learning.


Dreama Feezell

Northshore Elementary

What I enjoy most about teaching is learning from my students and the endless learning that can occur.


Aimee Jones

Bon Lin Elementary

I love the kids!


Danielle Wallace

South Elementary

How her students look up to her and make her feel like she's a rock star!


Bo Headrick

Heritage High School

I enjoy teaching young adults basic automotive maintenance. I feel like I am making a difference in students' lives.


John V. Dowtin IV

Bon Lin Middle School

I love the relationship with students and players.


Meghan Moses

Atoka Elementary School

I love making our future a brighter place!


Stephanie Ensor

Unaka Elementary

To me a teacher is someone who prepares you for life. That's why I'm teaching to make a difference in a child's life.


Chris Tillett

Allen Elementary

I love serving kids, and helping them understand the control and the power they have to be successful in the future.


Carolyn Angelo

Madison Campus Elementary

Developing relationships with students. It makes all the difference for students to know that someone sincerely cares.


Carol Moore

Rose Hill School

Seeing students overcome what might inhibit learning experiences such as disabilities, emotional or verbal struggles.


Karen Duncan

Haynesfield Elementary

I enjoy creating respectful cultures with children. I like to see them light up when they come to school.


Kristina Birkhead

Winfree Bryant Middle School

I love bringing magic to my classroom and watching my students light up with excitement about their education.