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TN Lottery

Lottery Player Claim Checklist

  • SIGN your ticket at time of purchase.
  • Check your ticket BEFORE leaving the store to make sure you have the correct ticket or replacement ticket.
  • Check all of your instant and drawing-style tickets to see if you are a winner BEFORE handing it to a Lottery retailer. Just scan it at one of our Lottery ticket checkers located in most of our 5,000 retailer locations. Or, download our TN Lottery App with ticket-checker, and see if you are a winner using your mobile device. Available free at the App Store in iTunes or Android Google Play.
  • You can also check your drawing-style tickets by finding winning numbers at, in major state newspapers, or via our Player Services Hotline.
  • When a Lottery retailer validates your ticket, watch the Lottery screen for important information.
  • Listen while your ticket is validated. If your ticket is a winner, the terminal will play one of three musical tunes.
  • Ask your retailer for a copy of the validation receipt after cashing your ticket.
  • All instant tickets must be claimed 90 days after the official end of game date.
  • All drawing-style tickets must be claimed within 180 days after the drawing date on which the prize was won.
  • The Tennessee Lottery is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged tickets.