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TN Lottery

The Tennessee Education Lottery (TEL) is committed to the utmost security and integrity in all our games and operations. All games are operated in a fair and secure manner to ensure that everyone who plays has an equal chance to win. 

It is the role of TEL Security to investigate all complaints received from the public concerning allegations of wrongdoing or fairness at Lottery retailers. In order to ensure the integrity and fairness in all its games, TEL Security will conduct inspections and/or investigations of the complaints received and report their findings to the TEL Legal Department or appropriate law enforcement agency.

If you have an issue or complaint involving a Tennessee Lottery retailer, contact TEL Security at (615) 324-6688. TEL Security is available 24/7 to receive your call. To assist us, have as much information as possible concerning the retailer when you call. This includes the name of the store, address, and identification of clerk (if possible).