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TN Lottery

Being an educated player can reduce the chances of having an issue when playing the games of the Tennessee Lottery. You should only buy a ticket(s) from a TEL retailer. If approached by an individual offering to sell you a “winning lottery ticket,” refuse the offer and contact Lottery Security at (615) 324-6688 or your local law enforcement agency.

Know what you are purchasing before you leave the retail location. Make sure that you have received what you asked for. If not, immediately point this out to the retailer.

For draw-style games, verify that the ticket you received contains all of the numbers you played and that all the information has printed on the ticket. Do not leave the store if it has not printed correctly.

On instant tickets, players should inspect the ticket to make sure the latex covering the play area has not been removed. Players should not accept a ticket(s) if any part of the latex has been removed.

Tickets can only be validated once. Players should ask the retailer for a printout of the winning ticket.

The Tennessee Lottery encourages you to immediately sign your ticket(s) after purchase. This will prevent someone else from signing and redeeming your winning ticket(s) should your ticket(s) be lost or stolen or someone tries to cross out or white-out and change your signature. This will assist TEL Security in identifying the ticket and prevent someone from presenting your ticket.

Check your own ticket(s) to see if it’s a winner. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Use the TN Lottery Apple or Google mobile app
  2. Visit the home page of the Lottery's website ( for draw-style winning numbers
  3. Call the TEL Hotline at
  4. Use the self-checker at retail locations
  5. Watch televised drawings for most draw-style games
  6. Ask the retailer for a printout of winning numbers
  7. Watch the monitor at a retailer as the tickets are being scanned. If the ticket is a winner, a sound will play.